Karpen Resort and Residences

The project contains vacation homes, upscale shopping areas,  recreational facilities, water-park and  a 5 star hotel

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San Pietro 2

with the luxury residential area and the 5 star hotel this complex will become the main tourist destination for indiv

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Saranda bay Marine

Saranda bay Marine is a complex of hotels, residences and a yacht port that will be located along the Ionian coast. I

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Orikum marine

Marina of Orikum is located in the bay of Dukat, in the southern part of the Valona Gulf. The center has 59 apartment


San Nicolas

"San Nicolas" complex is a tourist and recreational destination of high quality and safety standards, in Albania and in

San Pietro

San Pietro Resort with an innovative concept combines residences and tourism, affects the development of the area and br

Fiori Di Bosco

Very close to the residence of the capital, reached by three main road axes, but maximally protected from noise and d


Eye Of Tirana

The design is the work of one of the biggest Danish studios and has been conceptualized after the style of architect Hen

Quite Lake

At the same way you will enjoy the convenience of living only 10 minutes away from the city center. In an incomparable l

Tirana Industrial Park

TIRANA INDUSTRIAL PARK is an ambitious project, the first of its kind in Albania, which combines the logistic park conce