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Saranda bay Marine

Saranda bay Marine is a complex of hotels, residences and a yacht port that will be located along the Ionian coast. I


Kep Merli

Exploring the southern coast of Albania, sunshine, deep blue water and ancient paths of history blend with one anothe

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Marina Orikum

Marina of Orikum is located in the bay of Dukat, in the southern part of the Valona Gulf. The center has 59 apartment


Porto Karpen

The project contains vacation homes, upscale shopping areas,  recreational facilities, water-park and  a 5 star hotel

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The 295.000 m2 lot, surrounded by sea and steep slopes, is located in Ksamil village, near the most Southern city of Sar
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with the luxury residential area and the 5 star hotel this complex will become the main tourist destination for indiv