Tirana Industrial Park


TIRANA INDUSTRIAL PARK is an ambitious project, the first of its kind in Albania, which combines the logistic park concept with business administration forming an “Industrial Park”.  This project brings an innovation and a new concept in the way of doing “business” giving priority to direct management of trading activity, thereby reducing the cost and administrative procedures of any type of activity as well as the merger of wholesale and retail sales.



Located near the Rinas Overpass, only 11km from Tirana and 27km from Durres, “TIRANA INDUSTRIAL PARK” will be a key point for business, with a lot of street access and as a short radius of the main logistical services.

The area has a development occupying an area of 136,000 m2 of the land.

An important element is the greenery that is dedicated to every space created as relaxing space for the employees and Park Visitors.

In terms of power supply are planned to have 2 electric cabins. For the flexibility of the inner parts, the electrical installations are enclosed in the special panel without interfering with internal installations. External lighting will be according to the project based on the international standards.

Techinical Data

We have different facilities types, offering variable light space, according to
position and demand, offering
44 warehouse units and trade showroom units. The size of the warehouses varies between 700- 3200m2 and showrooms of 400- 600m2.

WAREHOUSE CONSTRUCTION is with prefabricated elements and designed by Italian companies. The project is estimated according to Eurocode 8 and European construction standards.

THE EXTERIOR WALLS are prefabricated sandwich panels with a polystyrene layer for thermal insulation in the middle. Warehouse panels are made by smooth concrete surfaces “facciavista”, while those of the showrooms are cured, with a granular texture that gives warm and an organic sensation.

WAREHOUSE DOORS are projected according to the European Standards (RE 90 typology) with the optimum height for all businesses types. All warehouses are accessible by means of both directions, with access for large truckloads in warehouses and suitable gates for these units.

SHOWROOM DOORS AND WINDOWS will be aluminum. The quality will be optimal according to all standards.

THE COVER will be realized with panels of “overhang” type, in the form of kapriate betoni, elegant and with the opportunity to be used in large spaces. These panels give the possibility of natural lighting from above, at the customer’s request.

ON THE INSIDE PART, the environment is treated at the industrial level, with concrete flooring for the warehouses and completion up to the sub- layer for the showroom, leaving to the client to decide the floor layers choice. So, each element has been conceived in the view of a possible maximum flexibility.

CEILINGS AND THE INTERIOR WALLS are conceived “Facciavista”, so, leave out the clean concrete of the panels. The considerable height of the silos and the showroom also gives you the ability to add elements like the gypsum ceiling, according to the specific requirements that our customers might have.

THE SILOS have variable light space, with abundant light coming from the windows, placed in height. The structure of the silos gives the possibility of setting the crane – bridges, according to the users’ needs.


Apart from a Warehouse Complex and Commercial Spaces, The Project “TIRANA INDUSTRIAL PARK” offers a variety of services based on the clients function. These services are grouped into several categories:


SHOWROOM SHOPSEach warehouse has an integrated and relevant showroom where the goods are exposed for each trading unit.

RESTAURANTS AND BARS. Clients and Visitors will have the opportunity to relax and at the same time enjoy a break in the bars and offered restaurants.

MAINTENANCE. The maintenance of the complex will be guided from specialized companies that offer very high service standards.

24H SECURITY. The Complex “TIRANA INDUSTRIAL PARK” will offer maximum tranquility and security for all its visitors.

GREEN PLACES. The Project “TIRANA INDUSTRIAL PARK” will offer public green spaces and recreational parks with benches and dedicated light.

INTERIOR LOGISTIC. Distribution to destination. Inventory and selection of goods. Provision of the latest technology and techniques on relocation, movement, loading and unloading of goods.


PARKING: The complex offers secure parking for all visitors, 350 parking lots.

ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE: The complex will have an entry / exit path, which will enable the connection of the internal roads of the complex with the public road of the area. The internal circulation of the area will be regulated via road signs.

ELECTRICITY: The dedicated high voltage power supply line of the complex will enable 24 hour electricity. inteRnet: In public areas of the complex, visitors will have the opportunity to surf free of charge on the internet via public Wi-Fi.

MAINTENANCE: Management and maintenance of engineering systems, maintenance of joint surfaces and cleaning of the area.

  • Periodic removal of waste
  • Maintenance of green spaces
  • Different administrative services, according to customer requirements
  • Uninterrupted and qualitative supply with electricity, drinking water, internet and telephone.