Vizion Plus has started its broadcast in 1999. Initially, it was a local channel and afterwards its signal covered almost 90% of the Albanian territory. Vizion Plus is an entertainment channel and owns a national license for the whole of the Albanian territory. Its 24 hour satellite broadcasts have turned Vizion Plus into a real window of information and entertainment for our fellow countrymen all over the world.

Tring TV – Terrestrial and Satellite Digital Platform, Pay TV, established in 2006, entirely owned by Concord Investment, one of the biggest companies in the country. The TV bouquet offers programs for all types of audience in Albania and Europe. TRING TV has over 460 thousand domestic subscribers.


Established in 2006, ASC is a private company with operative structures all over the region. Based in Tirana, ASC manages a safe transmission of communication with its customers through a solid communication infrastructure.

Duke investuar gjithnjë në teknologjinë më të fundit, “ASC” mundëson komunikimin e sigurt të klientëve të tij nëpërmjet një strukture solide duke ofruar kështu një shërbim cilësor dhe novator.

Living is the first and the only brand in Albania specialized in living style. Living magazine, Living TV, Living publishing house and webpage are part of the Tring platform. Living magazine has an issue of 10 thousand copies.