MELIÃ Durrës, the destination that transformed the concept of elite tourism in Albania

5 years ago Concord Investment became the first group to gain the status of strategic investor, during this period this group laid the foundations for the construction of the tourist resort “San Pietro” Resort, among the largest in the region with a total area of ​​35 hectares and a coastal length of 1500 meters.

And today, 5 years later, beyond the challenges that the Albanian economy went through, such as the earthquake and the pandemic, reality speaks for itself, even as Prime Minister Rama presented it “as an even better reality than the 3D project”.

Concord Investment presents itself with another giant investment already finalized, a fantastic tourist offer which has the cherry on the cake, namely the hotel “Melia” Durrës. The partnership of “Concord Investment” with the prestigious international brand “Melia” was in fact a guarantee for a successful investment from the initial stage of the project’s development.

And today, when this luxury tourist oasis is at the service of tourists from all over the world, surely the binomial “Concord Investmet” and “MELIA”, but also the entire Albanian tourism can feel proud that it has given the country the largest and most luxurious hotel in the country, and as one of the most prestigious in the Region.

In fact, we are dealing with an elite tourist offer, that is, what Albania lacked, a vision on the part of “Concord Investment”, a company that has been a successful model in some of the prestigious investments in accommodation structures for housing, or for services for years, which already has tourism in focus.

“San Pietro” Resort, part of which is also the most luxurious hotel in the country with 5 stars, “MELIA” Durrës, is positioned on the much-coveted coast of Lalzi Bay, and is actually a structure that fulfills every offer that until now was offered to Albanian and foreign tourists through Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Spain, etc.

Luxury villas of the most contemporary standards, which respect all construction conditions, ample spaces from each other, greenery, fresh air, as well as all possible facilities of other services, such as clean beach, swimming pools, recreational areas for children and adults. To continue with ample sports facilities, positioned in the Resort, presenting itself as a 5-STAR Hotel which you can only find in the most luxurious residential centers of Europe or even the world.

Hotel “MELIA” Durrës is positioned at the northern end of this Resort and we can say that it is the first time that in Albania there will be a hotel of this size and standards, which will be managed by an international name: Meliá Hotels International.

With an extension of hotels in more than 45 countries of the world with over 350 hotels, Meliá Hotels International chose precisely the “San Pietro” project for its beauty and geographical scope. Hotel “MELIA” has a main building and several private residences with a capacity of 475 rooms, including suites of different levels of luxury.

The Hotel’s swimming pools are a total of 2500 m², enough for all visitors, where one of the exclusive services will be the “Casino” and the “SPA” Center, which must be said to be one of the largest in the region.

Meliá Durrës has created a collection of slightly exclusive services for local and foreign tourists, starting from rooms designed in an avant-garde style, restaurants with a delicious food offer and several bars. The fact is confirmed that for the next 5 years at least this Resort will be the biggest investment in the tourism sector in our country.

When you say “MELIA” you are not just saying that this is a simple accommodation structure, because rather it is a new standard, unmatched before in our Albanian tourism industry. The success of this investment has already begun to bear its fruits, even though we are still far from the peak of the tourist season, since now the hotel is being dominated by the high attendance of European tourists as well as from across the ocean.

The inauguration of the “MELIA” hotel in Durrës, near the “San Pietro” Resort in Lalzi Bay, gave life to a new vision in the tourism sector in Albania, bringing to our market for the first time the “All Inclusive” concept, in other words, what is called “everything included”, starting from the 24-hour reception, restaurants, bars, children’s clubs and their play area, entertainment for every age group, family rooms, outdoor and indoor pools, the center of massages, up to currency exchange, rental cars and transfers from the airport.

This is precisely another great advantage of “San Pietro” Resort and elite tourists who choose MELIA in Lalzi Bay, the geographical proximity not only to Rinas International Airport but also to the largest Port in the country, that of Durrës.

Anyone who chooses “MELIA” Durrës in Lalzi Bay has the opportunity to use their vacation days to visit a number of other very interesting destinations in Albania, starting from Durrës, Tirana with all its daily tourist offer, Krujë to Lezha and Shkodra. This is enough to consider “San Pietro” and especially “MELIA”, a smart investment, a success story from the start, to give Albania a different image in the eyes of the world in the tourism sector.