Concord Investment is an active investment group in the Albanian market. Together with our customers, we offer high quality projects that create long-term progress and economic growth.

Since 1991, we operate through five major businesses: Construction, Media, Manufacturing of Building Materials, Vehicles, Shopping Centers and Wholesale and Retail. The culture of the group is built in the focus of a uninterrupted commitment to our values, the essence of which is security, ethics and integrity. These values are what we believe, what we expect, what we transmit and what we live.


The best way to get to know CONCORD is to explore the work we do and the ideas that inspire our team.

Rezidenca Alba IMG_0044-2

Rezidenca Alba

Duke i qëndruar besnik traditës së Komplekseve Rezidenciale, sjellim Risi në konceptin e ndërtimit. Shija e hollë e proj
Eyes Of Tirana eye

Eyes Of Tirana

Projektimi është vepër e një prej studiove më të mëdha daneze dhe është konceptuar sipas stilit të arkitektit Henning La