An industrial park for Tirana. The implementation of the second phase for foreign and local businesses begins


The industrial park of Tirana is today the home of business. Just like any family that has all the comforts in the family, the business starts and ends its economic cycle here. Valbona Begolli, founder of the “Albpastrim” company, is an entrepreneur who has chosen to move her activity from the urban area here to the industrial park, and there are several reasons why she made these choices.

One of the strong points of the investment is the geographical position, a strategic node, 11 km from Tirana and 27 from Durrës, located near the Rinas overpass. This modern park also serves as a dignified identification for the foreign business partners that operate in it.

The companies that have become part of the park are diverse. Timak is one of them that operates in the field of vehicle production and modification. Administrator Arjeta Puca, after more than 30 years of experience abroad, has found foreign experience in the industrial park.

We can say without fear that the industrial park of Tirana stimulates the quick interest of businesses to move the cycle of their activity to a single sale. The construction company “Edil” has started the start of the project of the second last project.

The whole park is spread over a construction park of 75 thousand square meters and offers all the security to do business, starting from the storage of the goods, the creation of the showroom to the spacious offices, guaranteed parking above all.

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