Orikum Marina welcomes the sailboats of the “Brindisi-Vlora” Regatta

Orikum Marina welcomes the sailboats of the “Brindisi-Vlora” Regatta.With a lot of excitement, adrenaline and dynamism, the first international Sailing Regatta “Brindizi-Vlorë” that brought together hundreds of amateur and professional athletes of the Italian Naval Lega ended.

In total, there were more than 50 sailboats that, for about eight hours, competed from the Port of Brindisi, traversing the Otranto channel to the largest marina in the country, that of Orikum.

During the awards ceremony in the only tourist marina that offers the mooring of yachts and boats with high standards, everyone expressed enthusiasm for competitions of such magnitude.

The president of Lega Navale Italiana says that such activities strengthen the love for the sea and sails, especially in places like Marina Orikum, where the investments are colossal.



“The port of Orikum is resonating with the suitable spaces, the boats it has available and we as La lega Navale Italiana think that this will help nautical tourism to develop and come to life. Even children who have time will be able to do courses and our goal is to spread this sport as much as possible.”

The mayor of Vlorë, Dritan Leli, expressed the greatest appreciation for Marina Orikum, emphasizing that this is one of the most beautiful investments that makes the “flagship city” even more attractive.

Such activities serve as a bridge between Albania and Italy, making the success of the navy guaranteed.



“We share the same sea between Albania and Italy and there is a lot of interest, it is like a connecting bridge between the two countries. I was thinking of buying a small apartment here, I like it as a destination.”


The winner of the Regatta event expressed enthusiasm and admiration for the Orikum Navy.



“The organization is fantastic and I see a lot of enthusiasm from everyone here. it’s my first time coming here and Orikum Marina is very nice.”

The regatta was a school in itself for Arian Manahasa, the only Albanian sailor of this race.


The technical director of “Marina Orikum” underlines that the ambitions are high and that the goal is to create the largest marina in the south of the Adriatic according to international standards.




“We are located in Marina Orikum, the largest marina in Albania that has a capacity of 200 berths that are expected to be added, doubled in the coming months and years. It has a very strategic position, since with a yacht you can sail in the waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. It is about an investment by Concord Investment that will directly affect the development of the blue economy in our country.”

Orikum Marina is located in the Protected Bay of Vlora between Greece and Montenegro as well as Croatia which makes it very easy to visit and explore.


With a total area of 120 thousand m2 and construction area of 60 thousand m2, Marina Orikum offers everything.


At Marina Orikum you can find authentic tastes of the sea and land.


Orikum Marina is the only professional marina in our country with services according to international standards. The ambition of the “Concord Investment” group is its radical transformation in order to create a sustainable success model for the entire area.


Near the Orikum Marina, anyone can visit other tourist spots, such as the Llogara national park, the Karaburuni peninsula, the Sazan peninsula and even the Dhërmi Palace, thanks to the not far distance from them.


Also, next to this marina, another investment is coming to life, “San Nicolas” resort only 20 minutes away.


With these projects, “Concord Investment” enables a combination between nautical tourism and the “real estate” industry, a sector that has aroused a lot of interest from foreign tourists who already have their luxury residences in Albania.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]