“Concord Investment” Group, a Strategic Investor, 5 stars Hotel at Gjiri i Lalzit.


“Concord Group” is the first company being awarded with the strategic investor status in tourism industry. The Government decided to award this status to “Concord Investment” Group for building the biggest tourist complex at Gjiri i Lalzit, named “San Pietro Resort”.


The entire investment amounts to 90 million Euro, while only the 5-star hotel is estimated to the amount of 36 million Euro. According to the Minister of Tourism, Mr.Blendi Klosi, the presence of such missing investments in our country demonstrate the accomplishment of the very ambitious challenge of 10 million tourists.

This is no longer a 3D project. It is now a reality since the investment is now tangible. This ambitious investment amounts to 36 million Euro and 450 rooms, together with another project to be performed at the venue, Dulaku Group and “Melia” will manage about 700 rooms. I am proud to say that such investments make me optimistic for the accomplishment of our goal –  million tourists,” said Mr. Klosi.

“Concord” directors declared that such investment, the first of its kind, established the right grounds and confidence for international brands of hotels, such as “Melia Group”, which represents the first prestigious name joining the Albanian market.


At the very first steps of our experience, the most exhausting question posed to us was: Why should we invest in Albania? Who else is investing in your country? I feel proud to acknowledge that we were the first ones that introduced an international brand in the market, and the next ones to come will find it easier to establish,” said Artan Dulaku, president of “Concord Group”.


Furthermore, the cooperation with Melia Group so far entirely focused in two major projects in close collaboration with “Concord” company, one located at Gjiri i Lalzit and another one in Tirana, will no doubt stop here. The third project consists of the construction of an accommodation structure also in Durrës.


We already agreed to another collaboration in Gjiri i Lalzit on the construction of another accommodation structure in cooperation with “Melia Mi”. “This investment will mostly be dedicated to families. Along with the other two projects located in the southern coastline of the country, we will manage to accomplish our the goals set by our company on the construction of three thousand bed accommodation structures until 2023,” said Dulaku.


To achieve the said objectives, business entities require that such investments will need the construction of new airports, together with a better infrastructure. On the other hand, the decision taken by Melia Group management to be present in Albania proved to be the right decision.


Albania is known as the new pearl of the Mediterranean, thanks to beautiful beaches, nature, archaeology, etc., therefore today, in this wonderful location of “Melia Resort”, we fully realise why the Albanian Riviera will turn into one of the most interesting destinations for European travellers in search for quality leisure. “Our company operates in 45 countries targeting the best places, which is why the decision to build two hotels in wonderful locations like Durrës and Tirana is the best choice for all involved stakeholders. This marks the beginning of a long lasting and successful cooperation,” said the Vice President of “Melia Group”.


The government also decided to award this status to Tirana Business Park, which is building a complex near the Mother Teresa Airport.


The status of strategic investor in tourism is awarded to those companies that decide to invest in tourism, with a minimum value amounting to 8 million Euro for 4-star hotels and 15 million Euro for 5-star hotels. With the aim to boost such strategic projects as well as to attract international hotel brands in Albania, the government decided to exempt such investments from the infrastructure tax and profit tax, while VAT on accommodation will be applied at 6% rate.