The Hotel Giant “Melia Hotel” invests in Albania

Together with a wide range of 5 star prestigious hotels that decided to invest their capital in our country, another great well-known hotel brand decided to join the competition.

“Melia Hotel” is the hotel group investing in the area of Gjiri i Lalzit, therefore offering high comfort for holidaymakers and also expected to have a great impact on the economic development of the area.

During the special status ceremony of “Investor in 4-5 stars accommodating structure” awarded to “Concord Investment” Group in partnership with Melia Hotel Brand, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mr. Blendi Klosi listed some of the investors who currently began investing in Albania, highlighting that these foreign investors have shifted their attention towards Albania, considering this destination as a safe country for investments.

On March 22, 2019, the permanent commission for assessment of four to five stars strategic investors applications awarded the special status to the application of “Concord Investment Group” for introducing the well-known brand of international chain hotel “Melia Hotel” in Albania. 5-star hotels have chosen to establish in Albania, respectively Tirana, Rinas and Durres, to add value to our country through their great know-how and the titanic experience, to turn Albania into a tourist destination with a wide range of resources, but also with so many issues and challenges”, Klosi stressed out.

According to the Minister Klosi, the fiscal facilities have influenced in attracting foreign investors in Albania.

“Last year we announced our great ambitious project to build 5 stars hotels in Albania, having to face so much criticism and scepticism, where people doubted that it would be almost impossible to attract giant hotel brand names in our country. Actually, these companies are benefiting from our governments’ supportive policy. 6% VAT rate for all services provided by these companies, which benefited from such fiscal facilities awarded to these strategic investors. 6% VAT rate for all accommodation structures, exemption from taxes and income tax for these companies, infrastructure impact tax exemption and property tax exemption for all companies operating in this sector. Today, we are proud to share with you a policy which I think represents the wind of change as regards construction of Albania as a tourist destination. Today, the presence of five stars hotels in our country proves that investors have found the right grounds in Albania, and it obviously demonstrates the sustainability of our country’s economy. It is about time that the world’s most popular brands are willing to join the titanic efforts of Albanian investors in all areas of our country,” he said.