Businesses in Albania / The latest trend towards Industrial Parks

The Industrial Park of Tirana is the last word in business in Albania. Dedicated to storage, display and thermal insulation, this unique environment serves all products, in all types of business that chooses to operate in the local market and will then become part of other networks.


Offering high contemporary standards in these silos and opportunities for export, there are also many businesses operating in the international market to invest in this industrial park. An example of a business that is finding itself in recent markets is that of ambulances.




Tirana Industrial Park is very big, we have very similar businesses and for reasons of network, shoes and organization we were pushed to come here. We have a lot of plans to expand here, get other changes. Here in Tirana Industrial Park we have the same facilities as in Turkey.


Doing business has more of a tendency to provide equipment, so it is not without reason that companies choose Tirana Industrial Park for their ventures. The innovative ideas have been welcomed even by their highest courts.




The area has taken shape, the silos have ended and the days are being filled with not only Albanian but also foreign buyers, which proves that we have done with a great business model. Within the environment there are companies that produce products Made in Albania. I congratulate the investors and the companies that have become part of a model that we would like to see replicated in Albania.


Why should a business choose Tirana Industrial Park? The answers are found in every part of the environment: Kapanonet offers well-managed equipment for product storage, exposure to consumers and their sales. Everything happens in maximum security and with better comfort for employees and society.