Students at “San Pietro Resort”

The San Pietro resort has now become an important destination for students from all over Albania. Their visits are aimed at getting to know the advanced technology used in this unique project.

The University of Tirana, in collaboration with the Concord Investment Group, have organized the next workshop for students of Architecture and Urbanism.
In the San Pietro project, they got to know up close the latest technological developments in the construction sector in tourist areas. The architects and engineers of the Resort have explained to the students in detail the innovations in the materials used, in terms of bio-architecture and energy conservation.

This resort arouses special interest, not only because of its size, but also because of the presence of an international brand such as Melia Hotels International.

It is the first time that a 5-star hotel of such size is being built in Albania, a chain of 350 hotels in the world.

This has made it possible for students to become familiar with European standards in the field of coastal construction, as well as five-star hotels, in accordance with international elite tourism legislation.

Such collaborations between the Faculty and investing companies positively affect the quality of teaching. Practical knowledge on a construction site is a necessity for students of Architecture and Urbanism. Such experiences, outside the school banks, are key to their professional formation.