Industrial Park February, 2018 VISIT SITE
TIRANA INDUSTRIAL PARK is an ambitious project, the first of its kind in Albania, which combines the logistic park concept with business administration forming an “Industrial Park”. This project brings an innovation and a new concept in the way of doing “business” giving priority to direct management of trading activity, thereby reducing the cost and administrative procedures of any type of activity as well as the merger of wholesale and retail sales.
Strategically located near the Rinas Overpass, 11km from Tirana and 27km from Durres, is set to become a vital hub for business, featuring extensive street access and proximity to main logistical services. Spanning 136,000 m2, the park will include 44 warehouse units ranging from 700-3200m^2 and showroom units from 400-600m2, all designed with European construction standards and prefabricated elements for efficiency and aesthetics. Facilities within the park cater to diverse needs, providing secure parking, high-standard maintenance, 24-hour security, and free public Wi-Fi, along with green spaces for relaxation. The project emphasizes flexibility, with facilities like variable lighting and adaptable spaces, ensuring it meets various commercial demands.